GENERAL DIRECTOR - Jan Pogány ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - Midori Ahmed Agencja Koncertowa Presto we Wrocławiu INTERNATIONAL BRAHMS FESTIVAL Brahms in Wroclaw  -  Romantic Adventure 20 - 25 May 2017 VI International Brahms Festival The International Brahms Festival in Wrocław is the first cultural event in Poland devoted entirely to the music of one of the most outstanding romantic composers. Johann Brahms used to come to Wrocław and perform here between 1874 and 1881. He was a versatile musician, he presented himself to Wrocław audiences as a composer, performer and conductor. In 1879 he was awarded a honorary doctorate of Wrocław University for his work. As a token of his gratitude he wrote "Academic Overture" for the university. The aim of the Festival is to present the music of Brahms performed by soloists, choirs and orchestras of international rank, along with younger artists, just beginning their artistic careers. We will have the pleasure of listening to recitals, pieces of chamber music and symphony concerts in the places where Brahms himself performed his music. Wrocław- the European Capital of Culture is a city that has always encouraged the elite of the world culture to come and perform here. Among others, Franz Liszt and Niccolo Paganini performed in Wrocław. The Italian virtuoso gave a concert in Aula Leopoldina in 1826. It was here that world premieres took place, later to become the masterpieces of world music. Outstanding artists from all over the world are coming to Wrocław to enchant our audiences with moving renditions of Brahms' music in the magical atmosphere of our city. Wishing you a good time at our concerts, Yours faithfully, Jan Pogány Director General of the Festival Translation into English Emanuela Fiksa